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Misty rain and hazy color of online games

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"Childe." This period of time you did not come, Chunxiang miss you oh ~ ~ "another purple shirt beauty cherry small mouth a beep, came forward to pull Qi Hao's sleeve." Childe, have you forgotten Qiuqiu? The red-shirted beauty on the edge was the toughest, and she rushed straight up from behind Qi Hao and hugged his waist. OMG! This, this is too strong! Liu Xiner gaped at all this! Qi Hao was still shaking his fan leisurely, but he deftly avoided the intimate movements of the three beauties. Turning his head, he saw Liu Xiner looking at him with a dull face. Qi Hao chuckled and said, "How can I pull it?"? Stay? Liu Xiner muttered to herself: "My God!"! This, this NPC is also set too what what what ~ and, these actions ~ "" Qi Hao laughed: "How is it?"? Compared to you, these are women! Zixin ah, not young master I say you ah, some of your behavior, it is really too unsightly! Come on, don't say anything. Today, young master, I brought you to see the world! Let you know, know, what is the real woman! Liu Xiner: ".." Sitting in front of the computer, Liu Xiner looked at the computer,jujube seed powder, Qi Hao's words, silent. After a while, there was a loud roar from the room. "亓皓 ! Go to hell! In the game, a woman in a green shirt with the name of "Zixin" stood silently in place for 5 minutes, motionless. Qi Hao looked at some doubts and walked around her round and round. "What's the matter?"? Make a sound! After a long time, Liu Xiner opened her mouth: "Young master TOT, you bully people … …" (Crying expression) The dividing line of purity. At this time, in front of the computer desk,naringenin price, someone looked at the picture, the expression of crying, suddenly touched his chin and smiled. He guessed that the other party must be sitting in front of the computer with an angry face. Played with the cup in his hand for a while, and gently slid the mouse to the waist of the figure in scarlet clothes. Someone sighed, "I don't know when you will find out …" Come to think of it, it should take a long time! Forget it, I'll give you a hand. But I'm really looking forward to your performance when you find out. …… The dividing line of purity. As if she had just discovered the existence of Liu Xiner, Chunxiang rolled her eyes at Liu Xiner, and then smiled coquettishly at him: "Childe, who is this person?"! Why do you look so shabby? “……” Liu Xiner is drinking Wangzai milk, almost not a mouthful of milk sprayed on the computer screen. This, this, this, what is this? What kind of word is that? What do you mean, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,pumpkin seed extract, shabby? Before Liu Xiner could respond, Qiuqiu also interrupted: "Childe, she is not your personal maid, is she?"? Tut-tut, this, this look also. It's too ugly to lift your shoes like this! Qinghe (a beautiful woman in a green shirt) said in a charming voice, "If you want to find a maid, you can ask Qinghe to wait on you. Why do you want her to wronged your eyes.." Liu Xiner: "TOT.." Liu Xiner: "Young master, I was rejected … …" TOT……” "Oh.." Qi Hao laughed out loud. With a wave of his hand, he pushed the girls away. Suddenly, Qi Hao walked up to Liu Xiner and took her hand. Went to the second floor. Liu Xiner stared at the picture, the hands of the woman in green shirt and the man in scarlet clothes clasped tightly, and her eyes widened. However, a woman's face, inexplicably, red. On the second floor, Liu Xiner came to her senses and immediately broke away from Qi Hao's hand. ~~~~(_)~~~~ Holding hands? Liu Xiner looks embarrassed. After a long time, Liu Xiner: "Young master, later hand in hand, have to pay..." Five taels of silver once! In the game, one or two silver = one RMB. Liu Xiner: "So, young master, don't eat my tofu without permission again!" Kui Hao: "… …" Kui Hao: "Good..." Suddenly, a trading dialog bar jumped out of the screen.
Trader: Qi Hao In the column of trading items, 100 taels of silver appeared. Kui Hao: "100 Liang!"! You still owe me 19 times! Liu Xiner: ".." -_-||| Although she was embarrassed, Liu Xiner still shocked the OK button. After all, silver is her great love. After going up to the second floor, they went straight into the box. In the box sat a handsome man in black. As soon as she saw the man, Liu Xiner's eyes were shining. Liu Xiner: "Handsome boy..." "Zixin, go out and ask the procuress if there is Zhuyeqing. There is going to be a jar in this box. Go quickly!" Liu Xiner: ".." Resentment, young master. You did it on purpose. Deliberately set aside mine. When Liu Xiner walked out of the room in a huff, the man in black suddenly said, "Hao, long time no see!"! This woman. Qi Hao put away his smile and said indifferently, "It's nothing. I've been bored recently. I just raised a kitten.". What's the matter? Let's talk about it in two days. I don't have time now. The man in black was stunned. "Cat?"? Really He clearly, from his eyes, see, gentle, and, smile! Really? Is it just cats? "Of course." "Young master.." Here comes the wine! Before Qi Hao could open his mouth, Liu Xiner rushed in with a jar of wine in her arms. Seeing this, Qi Hao smiled helplessly and said, "How did you go on a rampage?"? Just like a bull! Be careful. As soon as the word "point" was exported, Liu Xiner twisted her foot, and the wine in the wine jar in her hand left the jar and flew to Qi Hao's body. Seeing this, Liu Xiner immediately closed her eyes, thinking that it was over,rosmarinic acid supplement, and that it would all be splashed on Qi Hao. He narrowed a slit, but saw Qi Hao looking at himself with a smile on his face. Is it all right? Looking at Qi Hao in disbelief, Liu Xiner asked. It's all right! Xiao Hao smiled. You Liu Xiner was confused. I'm out of here! Qi Hao explained. prius-biotech.com



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