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The Infinite Counterattack of Cannon Fodder Female Match

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How do you talk to your mother? Madam doesn't want to eat and drink for you every day. She has lost a lot of weight. It's not easy for her to find out about it and come here in a hurry. At least it's your mother, and it's only been a few months, and she's become so uneducated? The nanny shouted at Ziqing. Pow- A clear slap sounded, and everyone was suddenly confused. The old woman was hit by a stagger, covering her face, looking at Ziqing in disbelief, pointing at each other with one hand, you did not say a word. Zi Qing said in a cold voice, "Where did you get the skin? Open it for me.". This is the territory of the old paper, not everyone can come to run wild! Isn't he just a servant who really treats himself as a master? Fuck off Just now, Ziqing found an important piece of information from the memory of the original owner: this old woman is none other than the nanny, Yue Niang, who has been serving Wei Huimin. She used to be called a servant girl, but now she is called a nanny. They are very close and like sisters. Thanks to the comments from 'Xiaozhi' and '2', today Chili saw someone leave a comment to express how disgusted he was with this article.. At that moment, Chili finally knew how precious and rare it was to get full marks! As Pepper said earlier,lycopene for skin, maybe because of the limitations of the author's own experience and knowledge, he may also unconsciously integrate some of his more extreme views into the text, which is not entirely the taste of Kimono. So, thank you for your forgiveness, thank you for your encouragement and support. Thank you! This chapter is Pepper's heart to all the readers who support Wenwen. Compared with the slander, I feel that everything else,best green coffee bean extract, even db, is very beautiful. The 438th capricious When the original owner was a child, he overheard people chatting about one thing. Yue Niang, who had been accompanying Wei Huimin, suddenly went back to her hometown for a year of self-cultivation. Zi Qing has a big brain hole at this time. A year of self-cultivation? Why not six months or two years, but one year? With an intelligence quotient of more than two hundred points, Ziqing thought of two possibilities in an instant: could it be that the servant girl had an affair with the master behind her back, or that the master had a crush on the servant girl? Or is there any secret between the servant girl and the housekeeper? Could it be. That month, Xiaorou was the child born by the father of the original owner and the nanny of the servant girl? And the housekeeper was the woman's lover. So the shipwreck of the original owner seems to be an accident, but in fact it is a conspiracy! As for why the original owner of the ship has been wrecked for so long, they still insist on sending out the information of the missing notice. I'm afraid it's also because they can't see the dead body, and they haven't seen the body of the original owner. They are not at ease, saw palmetto extract ,phycocyanin spirulina, and they are afraid that if it comes out later, they will be in trouble. So they just play a game of recognizing women in a big way. The more you think about it, the more likely it is! Ziqing is too lazy to care about the grudges of the previous generation. These things are too common in the rich and powerful families. She's just upset that she's a servant who gave birth to an illegitimate daughter with someone else. Why should she shout at herself?! "Miaojun.." You, how can you hit someone. She, she's Aunt Yue, and she loves you the most. Wei Huimin glared at Ziqing reproachfully. Zi Qing sneered and said, "Mrs. He, I've always had a question in my mind. I wonder if you can answer it." Wei Huimin looked at Ziqing. "What's the problem?" "I saw on the TV news that you have found your beloved daughter. I wonder if you have made a personal appraisal?" Zi Qing did not want to confirm whether Yue Xiaorou was the blood of the original owner's father, but wanted to confirm whether Yue Xiaorou was the daughter of the nanny Yue Niang and the original owner's father or the hybrid born to the housekeeper He. Wei Huimin looked a little flustered and her eyes dodged. Identified.. Yes, yes.. Zi Qing grinned and stared at Wei Huimin with a strange expression. "Hey, do you think she is the daughter you gave birth to?"? Or you didn't put your mind on your daughter at all, so. Everyone looked embarrassed, Ziqing smiled contemptuously, and then turned away. Wei Huimin shouted behind his back: "Miaojun.". It's not what you think. "Mom.". Let's go. I thought I had two yuan now, like two hundred and fifty or eighty thousand, and I didn't think about it.
Just by.. Yue Xiaorou glared at Ziqing and deliberately raised her voice and said. Wei Huimin hurriedly pulled her, "Miaorou." No, don't say it. "Mom.". You are partial and protect her. Wei Huimin sighed again. The eyes are red again. Me, me, the palm and the back of the hand are all meat. I Yue Xiaorou hurriedly patted her back and said, "All right, leave the things here to me.". See if I don't take her ear and admit my mistake in front of you! A Qing in the side to listen to the heart a tremor, these people are to take away the daughter given to him by God. But I have no ability to protect myself. Well, it's like you're the one who should step aside. She was in a very ambivalent mood. Looking at the back of Ziqing's departure, my heart is very sad. She's probably figured it out. Miaojun is the second lady of the He family! It's just that Miaojun's temper is too wild. She couldn't stand the fact that there were still people who shared their parents' love with her. Yes, it must be so. The He family finally left, and Ziqing's life returned to calm again. Zi Qing thought of the original owner's wish. I'm afraid this He family is really not good to go back, since you are still eager for that kind of rich life, then I will create for you, completely belong to their own rich life! Ziqing went all out to make money and became a famous vegetable king. Because of the expansion of planting scale, Ziqing broke through layers of joints and began to dump vegetables abroad. She set up a multinational vegetable trading group with one-stop production and distribution. Except for the first year or two, Ziqing needs to grow vegetables from the farm space to supplement the outside sales needs. Up to now, the scale of planting has been expanding, and there is no need for her farm space to supplement, thus realizing a completely self-sufficient business model. And now she doesn't need to go to the planting area every day to guide the work, there are managers, planters,fenugreek saponins, technicians.. There are also public relations managers in charge of trade and contacts with the outside world, and Ziqing has become a hands-off shopkeeper. Ziqing has built a group of villas on the harbor, which is more magnificent than the scale of He Fu.



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