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The grass is green

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What did I say? Scared her like this? Think back, this just understands. Fuck. What kind of mess is this?! These days, I've been trying to find an excuse to shout abuse. But I don't know why, but I have always been cautious. I've always wanted to find a reason to fight someone. But no matter who I am, I can't lose my temper. The heart of a wimp, do not know who to vent. There used to be Ji Hongwei. If you are not happy, you can go to him. Not now. Cut the crap. Are you free or not? I stared at Qi yuanzhi. I beg you to let me go. Qi yuanzhi has a bitter face, "I really don't have time.". Otherwise, it's on call for you. No conscience. Forget a friend at the sight of sex. Cross the river and tear down the bridge. Duan Qingqing, what's wrong with you? Qi yuanzhi looked at my face. "Did you quarrel with Ji Hongwei again?" "Get out if you don't have time." I was angry. "Think I can't find someone to drink with me?" "Stop it." He said honestly, "Ji Hongwei knows that he is going to get into trouble again." Ha ha, that's funny. Why does everyone think I'm always the one doing the wrong thing? No,plastic pallet manufacturer, not everyone. There may be a person who occasionally does not think like this. Chapter 38 two fools. Fan Bingyuan looked at the wine bottles on the table in front of him and then at me. Are you really a good drinker, or are you bragging? "I'll tell you after drinking." I opened a row of twelve bottles with a universal bottle opener. He laughed. "It seems that the smelly boy really offended you this time." "Do you want to drink or not?" I stared at him, "so much nonsense, are you a man?" Fan Bingyuan leaned back in his chair and smiled like a flower. "Well,plastic pallet bin, I'm very angry.". Tell me what happened this time. I dropped a bottle of wine in front of him. Drink it and I'll tell you. He raised one eyebrow and grinned. It's up to you whether to say or not. I'm not going crazy with you. I imitated him and raised my eyebrows. You promised to accompany me to drink. I said, "Do you mean what you say?" "I only promised to accompany you, but I didn't promise to drink." He is still the scoundrel with a smiling face. A mangy dog. I scold him. He picked up the bottle and poured half of it down. It's bitter and astringent. It tastes terrible. Besides, drinking this kind of sad and stuffy wine is not in line with my image at all. Fan Bingyuan laughed so disgustingly. That is you, Duan Qingqing. Otherwise, I won't come to this tasteless roadside stall. If you want to drink, you should go to the bar. There's music, atmosphere, and beautiful women to soak in. I looked at his smile. Why are you looking at me like that? He said, stackable plastic pallets ,foldable bulk container, "Do you think I'm good?"? In fact, Qingqing, do you think it's quite ready-made for us to be a pair. The heart is stuffy, pull out to chat, drink two cups, talk and laugh, is not very good? Save you to follow that smelly boy, two days a little quarrel, three days a big fight, what's the point? How about you think about it? He was alone, like a neuropathy, talking and laughing at himself. I finished one bottle and reached for the second. Hey, are you really here? Fan Bingyuan pressed the bottle of wine, "I ask again, can you really drink, or are you crazy?"? If you want to make trouble, I'll say first that I won't play with you. "Let go." I say. He's not moving. I grabbed the empty bottle and smiled. You're not going to hit me over the head with that, are you? Fan Bingyuan asked calmly. What do you think I asked him very gently. And he let go. I put down the empty bottle. Keep drinking. Why am I not drunk? What kind of shit is this? It's so bitter even if you don't get drunk. Fan Bingyuan frowned and kept looking at me. What the hell is going on? He asked. His voice was serious and gentle at the same time. It's almost not like the usual playboy. You'd better not ask. I couldn't help laughing. Fan Bingyuan, the way you look now is much more lovely than the usual tone of a dissolute childe. "Duan Qingqing, are you drunk?" "What's the matter?" "Because you can't stop giggling." I became serious. Do you know why? I'm telling you, because I'm just stupid.
” "You put it down.". Don't drink it. The wine was taken away and replaced by tea. I was forced to drink half a pot of tea and choked. What are you doing? I screamed and pushed him away, "Fan Bingyuan, you ***ing let me go!" He spat out the tea leaves in his mouth and the tea juice all over his face. He was so embarrassed that he couldn't do it. He threw the teapot back on the table. "Have you been mad enough?" "I'm not drunk at all." I stared at him. "Mind your own business." "Am I meddling?" He stared at me, too. "Who had to pull me out to drink?"? Do you think I want to take care of your shit? I'm telling you, I don't want to hear it. I looked at him. Why does everyone really think I'm a fool? "What for?" He was unreasonable. "What are you looking at?"? Have you sobered up? Go back to sleep when you wake up. Don't be sour here. You're pretending to be deep. What is not good to learn? You go to learn from others and drink to drown your sorrows. Look at your virtue. You didn't drink two bottles of wine. What kind of drunkenness did you have? You're still looking! What's that look in your eyes? Why are you wronged? That smelly boy is sorry for everyone, and he is finally worthy of you, a stupid woman. If you are not satisfied, what else do you want? Do you want to turn against God? What a shame. I have never been scolded by someone with a gun and a stick like this. For the first time,heavy duty plastic pallet, I didn't jump up and scold him back. I only heard one word. Look at your virtue. His eyes turned red at once. Fan Bingyuan scolded so happily. After scolding, he stopped. What's wrong with my virtue? I say. He doesn't speak. Uh? Tell me. I asked, "What's wrong with my virtue?" 。



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