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Li Qiye said this, even Ling Fengyun, Shenmengtian, Xizhuxian they can not help but stay for a while, even if they are such a peerless invincible generation are suddenly dumbfounded, they all feel that they are misheard. However, looking at the finger that Li Qiye stretched out, we all understand that they did not mishear, what Li Qiye said is indeed a move! "Impossible-" whether in the sky mirror before the countless strong monks, or outside the cliff qualified to watch the scene of the invincible people, after making sure that this sentence is accurate, can not help blurting out. Everyone can not believe that this is simply impossible, a move dead wood God ancestor, this is simply a fool's dream, between the world, can do this, I am afraid only the immortal emperor. Are you sure you can kill me in one move? The God of dead wood felt that Li Qiye had lost his mind and could not help but reconfirm it. Sure, one move to kill you! Li Qiye's attitude is very firm, moreover, he is very comfortable, just said with a casual smile. After getting Li Qiye's confirmation again, everyone knows that Li Qiye is not a joke, this is Li Qiye's seriousness. All of a sudden, heaven and earth fell into silence, all of a sudden silence, even the dream of heaven, the bamboo fairy stream, the dark ancient king,Inflatable water park on lake, all of them were silent. In fact, at this time Ling Fengyun they are somewhat doubtful, they all feel that this is impossible, but Li Qiye said very firmly. Ha, ha, ha.. At this time, the God of dead wood could not help laughing angrily. He laughed and said, "Kill me in one move?"? Ha, ha, ha,Jumping castle with slide, that's the most arrogant thing I've ever heard in my life. Who do you think you are? Kill me in one move! At this moment, the dead wood God was so angry that he wanted to tear Li Qiye to pieces in front of him. Before that, Li Qiye looked at him, disdained him, he held back, he somehow also deterred the existence of nine days and ten places, more or less graceful, do not want to haggle too much with the younger generation, in order to damage his peerless invincible posture. Now Li Qiye's words make the dead wood God ancestor completely furious. You know, he is known as the existence of the immortal emperor. He is one of the most powerful beings in the spirit world today. Now he is beheaded by a younger generation. How can he not be mad. A move to cut themselves, this is simply an ant? Being regarded as an ant by a younger generation, how can this make the God of dead wood endure this tone? At this moment, the God of dead wood laughed angrily. I am Li Qiye, and I am Li Qiye who beheaded you in one move. Li Qiye smiled casually and said, "Remember, I am Li Qiye. I beheaded you in one move. I hope you can remember my name before you die!" This is very casual, but, nine days and ten places, there is nothing more domineering than this, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable meltdown, nothing more shocking than this! When Li Qiye said such words, the God of dead wood could not laugh, because at this moment, he realized that Li Qiye was not joking! The whole world became dead, even the dark ancestor king they did not speak, they all suddenly beat in the heart, is it true that Li Qiye can really cut the dead wood God ancestor! "Younger generation, behead me in one move, unless it's the immortal emperor." At this time, the dead wood ancestor God said coldly: "Unless the immortal emperor personally strikes, the destiny strikes, this can also behead me, otherwise, the immortal emperor casually one move one type, also cannot behead me!" Dead wood God ancestor this is not unreasonable, after all, even if his way is not really hit the immortal emperor, but, the immortal emperor casually out of a move to behead him, I am afraid it may not be possible. In fact, the presence of the people are not the real cross attack immortal emperor, at least from their own strength is not the real cross attack immortal emperor. Take Xizhuxian and Dianhezu for example, Xizhuxian is really terrible, but he still has his own fatal weakness, otherwise, he would have become a tree ancestor. If he used the soldiers of their ancient ancestors, he would still have a chance to block one or two hundred strokes in the hands of the immortal emperor, but, in terms of his own strength, he would never be able to block one or two hundred strokes of the immortal emperor, let alone attack him.
In the presence, in terms of their own strength and their own way, in fact, the strongest is Ling Fengyun, his way is a solid legendary God emperor, unfortunately, Ling Fengyun's road has defects, his road is not perfect, this is his most fatal place. Nevertheless, there are rumors that when he fought with Haohai Immortal Emperor, he did not borrow foreign objects, but relied entirely on his own strength, he was able to fight with Haohai Immortal Emperor hundreds of strokes, so Ling Fengyun's strength was recognized. Like the Dark Ancestor King, in the eyes of the world, they are the existence of the immortal emperor, and are considered by countless strong people that they have the strength to attack the immortal emperor. However, for the invincible people who really stand on the peak, they don't care about the title of the Dark Ancestor King. In their view, the Dark Ancestor King and his like are not qualified to call themselves the existence of the Immortal Emperor. The only thing that can convince people is Ling Fengyun. Even if Ling Fengyun is a little far away from the real existence of the immortal emperor, he was born in a small school and has come to this point with his perseverance. Therefore, even if Ling Fengyun has not yet reached the real existence of the immortal emperor, there are still some people who stand on the peak to recognize Ling Fengyun's achievements. In any case, even if the dead wood God ancestor is not the real existence of the immortal emperor, but said that Li Qiye one move can behead him, he simply does not believe, in his view, even the immortal emperor, it is impossible to casually one move can behead him. With the strength of the God Emperor of the Nine Realms, do you really think you are really fighting against the Immortal Emperor? Li Qiye smiled casually and said lightly, "Even if you are born with the mark of the ancestral tree,Inflatable 5k obstacle, the power of the ancestral tree will bless you and make your fighting capacity stronger than the normal God Emperor of the Nine Realms. It is still the God Emperor of the Nine Realms. It is not even the legendary God Emperor. One move to kill you is enough." "What is the legendary God Emperor?" Hearing Li Qiye's words, many of the younger generation before Tianjing had never heard of such a title as the legendary God Emperor, so they could not help asking the ancestors in the clan. joyshineinflatables.com



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