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Breaking the Sky by Tiancan Potato [End + Follow-up to Chapter 15 Powe…

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Under the gaze of so many eyes, the Four Heavens directly and mercilessly shot into the sea of blood in the deep ravine, and the terrible temperature diffused from it, which made the sea of blood boil up, and then dropped rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye. In a short period of ten seconds, the blood sea was scattered invisibly. In the sky, the sound of the wind sounded, Xiao Yan's figure is like a ghost appeared in the sky over the deep ravine, eyes indifferent to one of them, before his triple hit, absolutely has been completely injured four days, if bad luck, this guy even fell on the spot is not impossible. To cut the grass is to uproot.. Xiao Yan's eyes flickered slightly, his palm clenched fiercely, and a column of fire with a trace of white color in purple and brown burst out from the palm, and finally penetrated into the deep ravine, bombarding the place where the breath remained. Boom! Where the pillar of fire passed, the soil of the deep ravine, which was originally wet, was almost instantly roasted as hard as a rock. The pillar of fire swept through, and the deep ravine turned directly into a rock. A stream of hot temperature constantly diffused out. Puff! At the end of the pillar of fire, even the skin of the whole body was completely disappeared, the body was a bloody four days, extremely weak slightly open eyes, fingers moved, a roll of jade slips appeared in the palm, and then tried his best to crush it away. Sniff! Accompanied by the splitting of the jade slips, a black hole in space suddenly appeared beside the Four Heaven Zun, and a suction burst out,x60 line pipe, swallowing the latter's body in one mouthful. Whew! At the moment when Sitianzun's figure disappeared, a stream of light swept into the deep ravine like lightning, and then appeared in his previous position. Looking at the remaining space distortion, he frowned slightly and murmured, "It's a quick escape.." Xiao Yan did not expect, the four days Zun unexpectedly so fight, after eating so many records of fierce attack, but also dying to survive, but although not completely slay four days Zun, but Xiao Yan is not in a hurry, four days the injury,uns c70600, even if cured, will inevitably leave sequelae, in the future, he will be difficult to save again. And as long as Xiao Yan is given some time to practice, when we meet again, it's just a matter of every move. Whew.. Gently exhaled a breath, Xiao Yan face is also faintly have a faint pale, one after another against two soul temple Tianzun, and several times to display Tianjie fighting skills, such consumption, even if he has quasi-Tianjie skills burning, but also a little bit feel too much, if this consumption goes on, I'm afraid it will really be some can not carry. The crisis of the Yan League has been solved.. With a slight vibration of the green and red wings behind Xiao Yan, he swept directly out of the deep ravine and appeared in the sky outside. With a sweep of his eyes, he looked at the strong people who were still fighting in the Hall of Souls and the Lion Hades. At that moment, there was a cold hum. Ten fingers flicked, ten extremely hot pillars of fire burst out from the fingertips, and then like a laser sweeping across the sky, they hit the strong people of the other side. Bang, uns c68700 ,uns s32750 sheet, bang! Accompanied by a low muffled voice sounded, the shrill screams also sounded, those ordinary Dou Zun strong, directly by Xiao Yan this casual blow to vomit blood and retreat, terrible abnormal fire like tarsal maggots wrapped around their bodies, let them how to display their fighting spirit to resist, it seems futile, so many strong people are with a buttocks of fireworks. Flee in terror.. Some of the strong soul temple to see this scene, but also understand that the situation has gone, the moment also dare not do too much stay, driving the black fog, is a desperate escape. Leader Xiao, show mercy. We are also forced to do it. Some other strong people who were coerced and lured by the temple of the soul, as well as sects, also hurriedly shouted in panic, but they had never thought that Xiao Yan was so fierce, directly relying on the strength of one person to clean up the two strong people with extreme terror, and at the moment they dared not do anything to resist.
Xiao Yan took an indifferent look at the wall grass, but not exterminated, although these people are annoying, but after all, are in the northwest mainland has some fame, if all killed, is not beneficial to the development of Yan alliance, of course, he naturally does not want to attract these soft bones, now they can surrender to him, when they meet a strong enemy in the future, they will naturally turn against the water again. "If you want to go," he said lightly, "you can trade one life for another. Take the people of the Lion Hades Sect for yours.." Hearing Xiao Yan's words, the strong face of the Lion Ming Zong suddenly changed, while the other forces and the strong, after hesitating for a moment, showed a lot of fierce light in their eyes, and turned their heads to the strong Lion Ming Zong who had previously joined hands to fight, and for a moment, a chaotic war broke out again in the sky, but this time, Yan Meng has become a spectator of a good show. These guys.. It's really shameless. 。” Looking at the sky as fierce as the wolf, Xiao Ding is also a slight smile, Xiao Yan this hand can not be said to be not ruthless, these guys hands are contaminated with the lives of the lion Ming Zong, the two sides will naturally be hostile, it will be difficult to form an alliance in the future, of course, the defeat here, the lion Ming Zong will inevitably have a big drop in power, and in the northwest mainland war, the lion Ming Losing the shelter of the Soul Temple, the fate of the Lion Ming Sect will naturally be quite miserable. In the future, the northwest continent, I'm afraid it's time for the Yan League to dominate.. In the sky, a melee lasted for more than ten minutes, the lion Ming Zong's strong casualties, and the army gathered below also suffered great losses, in the absence of command, the army is also scattered, fled in confusion. Glancing at the sky, Xiao Yan already understood that the Lion Ming Sect was completely finished. In the future, there would no longer be such a sect on the northwest mainland.. "Whew.." Breathing lightly, Xiao Yan turned to fall on the wall of the fortress, and saw his return, the whole fortress,x60 line pipe, suddenly sounded the sound of earth-shaking cheers. Yan Meng does not fall! Long live the leader of the alliance! Body slowly fell on the wall, Xiao Yan heard that the whole fortress is shaking the sound of jubilation, but also a slight smile.



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