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Eros' Black and White Wings 1

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작성자 Diane
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Jia Ye opened his eyes. "Do you know that place?" He came to his senses and just smiled faintly. "I'll know when I take you there tomorrow." The second time I came to this place, I realized that it was called Wangfeng Cliff. When I was a child, my mother brought us here. Later, when I was in a bad mood, yuan and I would sneak here. Du Qianyong said, looking up, straight down the cold wind so that he could not help frowning. Jia Ye, wearing a white overcoat, walked all the way up the slope of the already withered lawn without saying a word. There are many memories along the way. At that time, Feng Yang took her by the hand and led her carefully. Although I couldn't see anything at that time, I felt strangely relieved. Now, seeing everything clearly, she suddenly lost her way. The wind in winter is more vigorous than in summer, no longer naughty, no longer energetic, but stirring large snowflakes in general. The cold and hard rocks were trampled underfoot, and the smell in the air was so damp and desolate that it seemed that even the blood would be frozen when inhaled into the body. Summer seems to have run aground in some distant bay and failed to come here. Finally standing at the highest point of the cliff again. The wind blew Jia Ye's hair and her vision so unscrupulously that she could hardly stand. She heard the sound of the wind, the sound of the waves whistling in her ears,White Marble Slabs, wave after wave, like a cry of grief. The sky and the sea are still endless in front of us, but they are no longer clear and clear, and the waves are no longer rippling, leaving only the distant and gloomy pallor overhead and the endless and lifeless ice sea at our feet. Say goodbye to the ethereal blue, everything looks so old and desolate. Feng Yang,Artificial Marble Slabs, did you take them on a trip with you? She smiled bitterly. That's good. You must be surrounded by sunshine, clear sky and warm wind. No matter where you go, let them accompany you forever instead of me. Du Qianyong stood in the distance, quietly gazing at Jia Ye standing on the cliff. White snowflakes were flying around her, and the wind blew her black hair very long. At this moment, she looked so lonely and fragile, and so stubborn. He didn't know what else to do except watch her from a distance. Suddenly, the white seabirds broke through the sky and called. The long and powerful sound shocked people's hearts. Jia Ye looked up in shock and looked up at the scattered white spots still hovering under the sky. They flapped their white wings and flew proudly in the wind and snow, as if flying was the whole meaning of their existence. The heart is burning, melting the frozen blood, burning the tears in the eyes. That person must have been a white bird with beautiful wings in his previous life, always accompanied by the wind and free. He had been imprisoned in this city for so long that he almost forgot what he was. She clasped her hands in silence. Say goodbye and bless him again, after losing so much, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Calacatta Nano Glass, he finally got such precious freedom! For a moment, the wind gradually weakened and lingered on the abrupt cliff, and the snow no longer raged, one after another, like soft feathers, rustled down to her side, forming huge and powerful wings behind her. In a trance, she felt him embrace her from behind, felt his jaw resting on her shoulder socket, felt his naughty and intoxicating smile, felt the shape of light as wind and warm as light stretching behind her. Is it his wings or his arms? Or are they one? Is that what you want to be free? Hide behind her and let the wind do the talking. This is a unique gentle way that does not understand the gentle wind. She closed her eyes and greedily felt the reality and illusion. He's been watching you, he's been staring at you, and he hasn't left for a moment. The wind will continue to send his breath, his greetings, as long as there is a trace of wind, she can know where he is. It's like he never left. From her very undignified encounter with him one night this summer.. You.. What did you do to my face?! "You're not afraid of being robbed, and now you don't have to worry about being robbed. It's the icing on the cake." "Why on earth did you save me?" "Didn't I say that?" I mean it.
” "I don't want to save you at all, scum like you, the sooner you die, the better, the worse the better." But, your parents, they work so hard to bring you up, although you are very bad, but if you die like this, they will be sad to death. "No one will be sad for me. You don't have to cry." "Why won't you leave me alone?" "Who told you to save me then?" I regret it now! I should have let them hack you to death! "Oh, it's too late to regret now." …… Imagining his voice and smile, Jia Ye smiled and inhaled deeply, turned to face Du Qianyong's standing direction, "I'm really jealous of that guy for being able to do what I want to do." "Mmm." Hearing the loud voice of Jia Ye and seeing the relieved smile on her face, Du Qianyong also smiled reassuringly. What about you? She asked. Du Qianyong frowned slightly, "I was just about to tell you, Father the day before yesterday." He told me that he had arranged for me to study in the United States after graduation. Jia Ye stared at him in a daze. He suddenly smiled. "But I refused." She was stupefied, and her smile was in full bloom after the snow flying like cherry blossoms, bright and warm. I went on a trip in summer, but I will come back. Next summer, it will be more intense and pure. Just kidnap you! "What?!" I said I would kidnap you. Anyway, you are also a person, no one to protect, and can not win me,Grey Marble Slab, to blame Du Qianyong himself is not here. So, don't resist me and be kidnapped by me. "It's stupid to kidnap me and not get the money." I don't care. Maybe, kidnap you until someone is willing to redeem you. If no one comes to redeem you. …… Finally you smile. A gift held in the palm of the hand It's so beautiful. I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. We must all have felt love that day. We're always looking for each other. And sometimes I lose myself. If when we finally found each other.



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