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These more than ten miles of mountain roads are almost narrow paths, and more than a hundred people walk alone, so Yu alone is tens of feet away from Yang's father and daughter. When Yu Du bypassed the foot of the mountain, the mountain girl called Yu Du to stop. Yu looked forward alone and was startled. It turned out that there was a steep cliff in front of it, and there was only a foot wide mountain path at the foot of the mountain. It was still a very smooth sliding slope, facing a deep ditch of thousands of feet. When walking, the left foot is high and the right foot is low. The left shoulder is already close to the mountain wall, and the right half of the body has to lean to the right. If you can't hold on to your feet for a moment, if you slip down, you will be crushed to pieces. Add to this the Rapids of the stream below, the high snowy waves, and the sound like thunder. It's really the most dangerous thing in the world! Slowly said Yu alone saw shocked, even the mountain people who were used to walking in dangerous mountains were walking slowly step by step there. Yu Du looked closely at how the mountain people walked. The mountain people who walked empty-handed had already put their weapons behind them and moved forward with their hands climbing the ivy on the rock. It was not difficult to see. Only the mountain people who lifted the platoon held the platoon in their right hands and hung it out of the air. The first and third people who lifted the platoon took a step forward, holding the ivy on the rock wall in their hands, and then the second and fourth people who lifted it moved forward step by step. The dangerous road was almost a hundred feet long, and Yu Haosheng was on tenterhooks for Yang's father and daughter. He had to wait for him to finish. When he got on the easy road, he was sweating profusely. "There is still a dangerous road ahead," said the mountain girl. "It used to be used to cross people with flying vines, but now I've made a rope bridge. It's no longer dangerous. Only this road can not think, if you are afraid, let me carry you across. Yu Du no longer dared to show off carelessly at this time, so he had to nod with shame. The mountain girl's tiger-skin skirt had already been untied, and she was wearing only a pair of coarse cloth shorts. She untied a rope made of animal tendons hanging from her waist. She first tied one end of the rope to herself and the other end to Yu's waist. She said,Granite Slab Supplier, "I wanted to carry you on my back. I know that although you Han people are not clean in your hearts, there are a lot of false Taoism outside. You don't want men and women to get close to each other. I can't say that I have to. When you walk past, if you feel uncomfortable under your feet and want to slide into the deep ditch below, you just don't be afraid and let him slide. With me, it won't matter. Say, then go ahead. Yu alone followed behind him, separated by a few feet, also according to the mountain people's walking method, see the mountain girl sometimes also use the hand to hold the vine,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, but not like other mountain people laborious, as if nothing had happened. Yu Duxian didn't know what to do, but when he walked ten feet away, he felt that his feet were slippery and uncomfortable, and it was not easy to exert himself. Although he knew that there was a mountain girl to protect him, he was afraid of losing his feet. He didn't dare to be careless at all. He held his breath and refreshed himself. After walking for a long time, he came to a dangerous place. Fortunately, he didn't make a fool of himself. Then he saw that the mountain people in front of him had walked more than half a mile and. Shan Nu first untied the rope and hung it from her waist. She approached him and saw that Yang's father and daughter had just woken up. It turned out that they had just fainted from fright. Shan Nu seemed not to feel sorry for them. She said to Yu alone, "I've invited you here because I already know a little about where you came from. I had good intentions. I didn't want the three of them to be so frightened. It was my mistake.". Fortunately, it is difficult to come, but easy to go. Say, then ordered to start. When Yu saw that Yang's father and daughter had not untied the rope, he knew that there was still a danger, and he was worried that he could not, so he came forward to comfort Yang's father and daughter, and then got up. Walking through another rock, Marble Granite Price ,Pietra Gray Marble, I saw a mountain stream more than ten Zhangs wide in front of me. There was a rope bridge in the middle of it. There were many wooden boards on it. It was less than two feet wide and swayed with the wind. On the opposite hillside, there were countless men and women mountain people. When they saw the mountain women coming back, they shouted in unison and shook the valley. The mountain girl ordered her brother to carry the tiger on his back first, and then shouted twice. On the other side, a dozen mountain people rushed to the bridge, walked to the middle of the bridge and shouted. Suddenly, they separated on both sides, used their hands and feet, hooked the side of the bridge, and hung their bodies upside down under the bridge. They stretched a rope bridge flat and steady. Shan Nu first ordered the people who carried the platoon to carry Yang's father and daughter through, and then asked Yu to go alone with him. These mountain people saw the mountain girl, one after another worship in the ground, the mountain girl only nodded his head, personally untied the Yang father and daughter rope, still life to carry forward. Bypassing a rock corner, you can see a vast plain on the opposite side, separated by a clear stream, surrounded by beautiful trees and exotic flowers, with only one stone fort in the middle, and a square in front of you. They went to the stream and waded across it.
I only saw that the stream was wide, and when I saw the mountain girl gently passing by, I followed her. The mountain woman bowed to the guest village and ordered the mountain woman to help Yang's father and daughter in. I only looked closely at the stone village, although it was a dome made of rocks, similar to a tent house, but it was tall and clean, especially in the crevices of the rocks outside the village, there were many unknown wild flowers, vines, white stones, green leaves and grass, red, purple, yellow and scarlet flowers, wild fruits, swaying freely in the wind. It is very beautiful. It was not until the two brothers and sisters entered the village that they saw that there was no door at the entrance, only the wild flowers of ivy hanging down from the top of the village, which were densely woven into a big curtain. The lower end was arranged on two stone pillars eight feet away from the cave, like a grape shed built by others. They wanted to sleep at night, so they put the curtain down and closed the door. Inside the village volume is very large, divided into three. The first entrance was an open house, with four big holes five feet square on each side of the stone wall. The flower curtain bracket seen outside the door just now was a window, so the village was very bright and bright. One of them is about eight feet long. In the middle of the smooth jade bluestone case, there was a large stone wall with a three-foot radius, and at the right end of the case, there was also a slightly smaller stone wall, all covered with a tiger skin. In the first two rows of the table, from big to small, there were twelve stone pillars, which were also covered with different animal skins. About three or four feet away from both sides of the table, at the end of the stone pillars on both sides, there was a stone pillar about three feet high. On the top of the pillar was a stone plate the size of a millstone and shaped like a stone dish. The center of the plate had been blackened by fireworks. In the middle of the dish stood an iron pole as thick as a child's arm and as high as a foot. On the top of the pole was an iron basket made of iron bars, and in the basket there was still burning firewood,Slate Wall Panel, which was supposed to be used to shine at night. The ground in the room is all bluestone, and the mountain people clean it, so there is no fine dust. forustone.com



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