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The Black Dragon King remained motionless, only a pair of dragon eyes shooting out two cold lights, staring at the King of Chu Jiang sitting on the white bone chair suspended in the air. Although Xiao Chen is also very surprised, but more is the doubt, he felt a big familiar breath in the Chu Jiang Wang body. That kind of soul wave is familiar. In a trance. He felt that the King of Chujiang and his unauthorized fief, King of Qin Guang, King of Yama and King of Samsara, had very similar spiritual fluctuations, as if they were of the same origin. This made him very surprised. But now is not the time to delve into it. He has more important things to ask. I believe you are the legendary King of Chujiang. Xiao Chen has seen the keeper here. Say, he gave a gift, serious and sincere ask: "Also ask the keeper to tell, this Yin wood order is how to pass to your hand after all?" Although the ideal underworld of Suirenshi's ancestral God has fallen short of success, it has taken shape after all. I, the nominal emperor of the underworld, have more or less guided some of the dead. Although there are not many big ghosts and small ghosts in my hands, there are also a few. Even if this netherworld and several dark realms are closed, it is possible to send some news to them. Ask the keeper to make it clear. The white bone chair in the sky slowly revolved around the ancient hall, and finally settled in the center of the hall. The King of Chu Jiang sent out spiritual fluctuations: "You go to Jiuyoutai." "Where is Jiuyoutai?" "Out of the Senluo Hall,outdoor digital signage displays, straight ahead, with the speed of this black dragon, half a month later should be able to see a mountain-like platform.". On the way, try to go around the dead, some of which can't be cured in the underworld. If you encounter an inexplicable underworld, you can avoid it as far as you can, and I need to avoid it in some places. Xiao Chen thanked him and took the little fat man,thermal imaging camera, who was already a little stiff, to the outside of the hall. When he reached the door of the hall, he suddenly stopped again and asked, "Are all the ten Hades in the underworld?" King Chujiang was obviously stupefied. He shook his head. Some sad mental fluctuations rippled. "Maybe I'm the only one left.." he said. "I once saw three skeletons on Dragon Island," said Xiao Chen. "Their breath is strikingly similar to yours." "The other nine sons of the underworld?"? This is impossible! Even Zu Shen Sui Ren Shi's life and death are uncertain, not to mention them. At that time, I saw with my own eyes that their form and spirit were destroyed. ^ ^ ^ ^ "King Chujiang waved his hand feebly, although it was a white skeleton, but Xiao Chen clearly felt that he had an indescribable sense of fatigue, seemed to recall the sad past, do not want to talk more.". Xiao Chen asked them to leave. Walking out of the gloomy hall, the Black Dragon King ran like lightning. It was not until he had gone out for hundreds of miles that Niu Ren breathed a sigh and said, "It's incredible. It's like a lifetime ago. We actually entered the underworld. Just now we went to the Hall of Senluo. This.." Say it and no one will believe it. Now I really wonder if we were dead when the ancient altar fell into the copper furnace of heaven and earth. The little fat man's expression is very serious and dignified. This made Xiao Chen feel a little suspicious in an instant. The ghost has no shadow. Xiao Chen pointed with a smile. Colorful holy trees shine, information kiosk price ,smart whiteboard price, and thousands of auspicious colors emerge between Xiao Chen's hands. Let them trace behind their backs. That's right. I think too much. Niu Ren gave a simple and honest smile and said, "I haven't lived enough.". How boring the world above would be without me. "Yes, the sun has to wait for you to push it around every day, and the stars and the moon have to wait for you to put it up one by one every night." At that moment, the Black Dragon King suddenly stopped. From extreme speed to stillness, Xiao Chen and Niu Ren were almost thrown out of their backs. The underworld is dark, like the night under the stars, like a layer of black veil. Although it was dim, it was still visible. Shadowy in the distance. There was a large mass of magnificent buildings, which seemed to be linked together by many palaces. Although it looked like a dead silence, there was a faint wave, which made people feel very depressed. Niu Ren lowered his voice and said, "This must be a ruthless character. The hall built is so magnificent that it may be a living ancestor." Xiao Chen nodded in agreement, the King of Chu Jiang had warned them that they must walk around the temple and the cave mansion, but they dared not ignore it. At the moment. The Black Dragon King is like a black light.
Far away, he made a big circle of dozens of miles. Just passed through that area. There was definitely a ghost ancestor just now, who was not thousands of miles away from the Senluo Temple of the King of Chujiang, and obviously did not take the keeper to heart. Xiao Chen agreed, the underworld is much more complicated than they imagined, there is no order rules, it can be guessed that this is a chaotic and terrible world. For seven days in a row, Xiao Chen avoided dozens of gloomy castles, palaces and caves, and saw countless ghosts. If it weren't for the existence of treasure trees, I'm afraid they would have been torn apart by those ghosts for a long time. In addition, the underworld Yin power is extremely heavy, although not as evil as the dark space in the mouth of the old Yin spirit, but staying for a long time will also do great harm, if not for the protection of the colorful holy tree, it is difficult for them to continue to go on. Niu Renxin had doubts and said, "Where did the blood of the earth that we found on the surface come from? It should have gushed up from the ground. But below is the underworld. How can there be such a spirit?" Xiao Chen shook his head and said, "It's hard to say. It's not really underground. It should be a big world of its own. It's a real boundless space." Niu Ren thought about it and agreed. Even though the Black Dragon King spent only half of his time on his way every day, he could also be described as traveling thousands of miles a day. In this way, it has been seven days in one direction, seventy thousand miles have gone out, but in this underworld can only be described as "a distance", so it seems that it really should not be underground. Niu Ren, the little fat man, sighed: "The ancestral God Suirenshi really has great magical powers. He even sacrificed a vast and boundless space, a boundless hell." A heaven and earth copper furnace contains a real world! On the tenth day, Xiao Chen,facial recognition thermometer, who was on their way, suddenly found that there was a little light coming out in front of them, which was very incongruous in the dark underworld.



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