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It rains heavily on the city.

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With his back to the dungeon, Zhan Yu heard the rustle of his clothes falling to the ground behind him. There was an indescribable complex light in his black eyes. He gnashed his teeth and said angrily: In the dungeon. In the crevices of the stone slab, there was a faint flow of terrible blood slowly, filled with blood, and faintly came the cry of the tortured. But in this world, it is terribly quiet. Murong Yin leaned feebly against the cold stone wall, his eyes closed weakly, occasionally coughing lightly, but coughing out bright red blood. Suddenly there was a rush of footsteps, followed by the clatter of the chains of the prison door. Someone walked in. Murong Yin did not open his eyes, he only felt cold as snow, dyspnea, bright red blood dripping down his lips. For a dying man, everything outside means nothing to him. Murong Yin. A warm hand touched the corner of his bleeding lips and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. In the scattered consciousness, there was a trembling sound that the girl could not stop. I did this to you, I did this to you! This voice.. Murong Yin heard the sound of sobbing in a trance, but his breathing was more painful, his limbs were cold and weak, and the girl's cry became clearer and clearer. His chest was stabbed by thousands of blades, and he felt a surge of blood in his throat. In an instant, there was darkness in front of his eyes, and he did not know anything about it. Murong Yin- Lotus exclaimed,75 inch smart board, watching Murong Yin spit out a few mouthfuls of blood after fainting, she panicked to reach out and hold him tightly, only to feel that his whole body was as cold as ice, breathing weak as if it would break at any time! Murong Yin Childe, who used to be high-spirited, quiet and gentle, and praised by all over the world, is already in such a miserable situation when he sees him again today! However,interactive panel board, he was in such a situation, but all because of her, she took advantage of his kindness, his magnanimity, his feelings, and in turn mercilessly gave him a fatal blow! Until now. He was on his deathbed and would die at any moment. Murong Yin, you can't die, you can't die. She shouted desperately for him, but Murong Yin, who was lying in her arms, cooled down little by little, and the faint breath was already low and inaudible. Murong Yin! In a dark, cold dungeon. Lotus clung to Murong Yin's cold body, her heart full of painful despair, slowly, she seemed unable to feel his breath, classroom interactive whiteboard ,65 inch smart board, he began to be as cold as ice. Murong Yin, Murong Yin. The lotus called him again and again in horror, and his frightened eyes suddenly trembled, and hot tears fell down in an uproar. Don't die! I beg you not to die, you wake up, I still owe you so much love, you wake up, I all return to you. "He can't live!" Shen Ning's voice came from the door of the dungeon, Zhan Yu looked at Murong Yin lying in the arms of the lotus, a word has already sentenced Murong Yin to death. You should know that no one who enters this dungeon can ever get out alive! "No!" Lotus's hand pressed Murong Yin's chest, his whole body is cold, only the position of the heart still has a little residual heat, he is not dead, lying in her arms Murong Yin is not dead! "I want him alive!" Lotus raised her tearful face and gazed at Zhanyu standing at the prison door, but her eyes were shining like countless fires burning. I will never let Murong Yin die in the Tianshan Snow Gate! She lowered her head without hesitation and untied her white clothes. Zhan Yu was stunned, hurriedly turned his back to the lotus flower that had untied his snow-white clothes, and subconsciously clenched the Green Destiny Sword in his hand and shouted in a low voice: "Lotus, what do you want to do?" "I want to save him!" Lotus's answer is simple but firm.
With his back to the dungeon, Zhan Yu heard the rustle of his clothes falling to the ground behind him, and there was an indescribable complex light in his black eyes, gnashing his teeth and saying angrily: "You crazy woman, he's just a prisoner of the Tianshan Snow Gate now, just for him-" "Just because it's him, it's worth it!" Zhan Yu stood stiffly, and behind him. Lotus lowered her head to take off her clothes and untied Murong Yin's bright yellow clothes. She hugged his cold body with her warm body and passed her body temperature to him, so that he could warm up little by little. She clung to him as he lay dying, naked and close to her, hot tears streaming down her cheeks, and she whispered over and over in his ear. Murong Yin, if you want to live, you can't die, you can't die. Countless tears fell on Murong Yin's pale face. Lotus buried her face in his warm chest, and the cry of pain that could not be suppressed came from her lips, and she called his name in bitter tears. Murong Yin. …… …… "You were the first to believe me, and you found me when you were most lonely and helpless." His smile is as warm as jade, but it has a kind of power to warm people's hearts. "So, in this life, I, Murong Yin, will never fail you!" …… …… He never doubted her, she did not want to harm him, but it was too late to save him! In this world, she did not love him, but he was the one who gave her the most love! Zhan Yu stood stiffly with his back to them. He heard her desperate cry, and there was a suffocating pain in his dark eyes. He grasped the sword in his hand and left without saying a word! At the moment of walking out of the dungeon gate, his heart was like being boiled by boiling water, and the pain was unbearable. He pulled out the Green Destiny Sword in his hand, took out the sword crazily, and split it at a spruce tree a few steps away. In an instant,smart boards for conference rooms, it congealed into a murderous look of ice, which was so frightening that it could almost break everything in the world! The towering spruce was split at the waist and fell to the ground! After the loud noise, there was a dead silence between heaven and earth.



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