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So far all the year round by Mo Bao Fei Bao [End + Side Story]

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Tong Yan remembered what she said, no matter how she saw it, but quietly said the truth, Gu Pingsheng did take care of himself a little too much. She suddenly remembered that there was a relative of the teacher in the previous advanced mathematics class. Later, he was rejected by the whole class, and finally he had to transfer to another department to study English. In fact, now in retrospect, that person's grades are very good, the teacher has never taken special care of him, and even should have intentionally raised the standard of requirements, but in the mouth of the class students, there are miscellaneous things to say. In the age of living by books, even the most disdainful person will envy those students who have personal relations with teachers. An invisible assistant can solve too many things. So such people are usually public enemies. She thought in a confused way and had no clue. Like a bucket of cold water pouring down, she finally realized that she was trying to find out what way to go. I'll take you to the hospital this afternoon. He said. Or did you get a text message? She continued to stir the noodles with chopsticks, but there were few left, mixed with soup and chopped onions. Why don't you reply when you receive a text message? She murmured something. Tong Yan? She looked up and said, "It doesn't matter. I just prescribed the medicine. Just go back and take it slowly." "Show me the medicine you prescribed." She took a lot out of her bag and handed him two cartons and a bottle of cough drops. He took it, turned to the back of the box, and stared at the rows of small print. Tong Yan wondered what he was looking at, but he had no choice but to sit in front of him and couldn't peep. What he looks is really too serious, Tong Yan still is curious finally,interactive flat panel display, stretch out a hand to shake before his eyes: "What to be looking at?" "Looking at the formula of these medicines," he said, "did you ask the doctor for the prescribed medicines when you prescribed them?" She nodded in surprise. "I catch a cold and cough easily.". If you are used to eating, you can only eat these brands. He laughs: "Found, what you want is what critically ill patient eats," he picks up cough syrup, "the codeine of this is not low. Tong Yan was stupefied and remembered that Shen Yao liked to say that he was addicted to cough drops: "Are you talking about the one that makes people addicted?"? Shen Yao always said that if I drank cough drops, I would be addicted one day. "It's not that serious,interactive boards for classrooms," he laughed at her. "But if you drink dozens of bottles every day, maybe it's possible." They sat at long tables, and the seats could seat more than a dozen people in pairs. When it was time for class, only the two of them were left sitting by the French window, and a pair of boys and girls on the outermost side. Sunlight through such a thick glass, shining on the body warm, Tong Yan asked a few questions with the spirit of learning, two people talking, without any central idea. Until the aunt came and cleaned up the dishes on the table, the two men had been talking for a long time. What does Mr. Gu want to see me about? She remembered the reason he had left her in the first place. Originally wanted to take you to the hospital, "he put the medicine away," if only a simple cold, do not rush to take medicine, drink more hot water, usually a week will be good. I'll get you the right medicine tomorrow, smart board whiteboard ,smart interactive whiteboard, and if it's not ready in a week, take it again. Tong Yan nodded, his heart suddenly beating a little soft. She has been the kind of person who reports good news and not bad news since she was a child. For a long time in junior high school, she lived with her mother. She always turned over the medicine from the medicine box by herself. She probably looked at the words to cure inflammation, cold and so on, so she ate some casually, and gradually she got better. I always have a fever and a cold, but I don't have any serious illness, so I think I can solve it. This is the first time that someone has taken her medicine and even read the formula carefully. Back in the dormitory, she was alone. Tong Yan found out the charger and charged the mobile phone. Just boot, suddenly came in six or seven text messages, one of which is Gu Pingsheng, the rest are the same strange number. She first opened the text message of the strange number, which turned out to be a reminder of missed calls. This function was sent by China Mobile. She had never used it and had long forgotten it. There is a missed call from Shen Yao. The other five prompts that the call was not answered were all from Gu Pingsheng. If the average person hears the prompt to shut down, he will not call again.
She sat in her chair, staring at her cell phone, and could even imagine that Gu Pingsheng was just looking at the screen of her cell phone, judging whether she had answered the phone or not, but she could not hear the repeated and repeated "Sorry, the phone you dialed has been turned off.." Laughter came from the corridor, but the dormitory was unusually quiet. It took her a long time to carefully open the only text message, only a short line of words: Don't act like a spoiled child. I'll take you to the hospital. TK Chapter 17 quietly advancing and retreating (2). Tong Yan thought for a long time, back to the text message: I just out of the hospital, the phone may be out of power, did not see your reply. The text message came back soon: It's okay, I know. TK How insipid the words were, but when they came from him, she couldn't help pondering them over and over again. She thought of the five phone calls and quickly replied, "As long as I turn it on, I will definitely answer the phone.". Next time, if there is no answer, it must be turned off. Gu Pingsheng: Good. TK Very simple reply, should be busy, right? She put her cell phone on her desk and pulled out a book to read, only to find that it was international commercial arbitration. Forget it, the arbitration is the arbitration, and it should be the final review in advance. Just when I wanted to look at it carefully, the mobile phone suddenly shook again. Did you drink hot water? TK Drink it. Does your throat hurt? TK A little bit.. If it still hurts tomorrow morning, send me a text message, and I'll get you some anti-inflammatory medicine. TK Uh. When she finished typing, she couldn't help asking him, "Is Mr. Gu home?"? But after writing the three words'Teacher Gu ', he suddenly deleted them, hesitated and changed them to'You'. I'm still in the college office, talking to the dean about next semester's courses. TK Next semester? Next semester, maritime law. TK Tong Yan remembered that he had said that maybe he would teach this semester, and now he was talking about the next semester's courses,digital interactive whiteboard, that is to say, he would continue to stay in Shanghai and stay in school? Every teacher in the college will teach two or three courses, and maybe he will teach himself next semester. Tong Yan turned out the whole year's schedule and guessed what he would teach in more than a dozen courses.



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