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What The Heck What Exactly Is Upvc Sash Windows?

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Replacement UPVC Window Handles

There are numerous options in case you're looking to replace the handles on your wooden windows with Upvc ones. You'll be able to pick the one that best fit the design of your home's interior. The styles include the Espag, Cockspur, Venetian, and Spaded.


The Venetian replacement window handle made of UPVC is a stylish and sleek model that is perfect for UPVC windows. It is manufactured to fit many blinds and is compatible with all types of UPVC windows.

This kind of handle is more expensive than more contemporary alternatives. Instead of a simple, straight-on, cylinder style handle, this one comes with an angled projection that prevents the handle from piercing the blinds.

In addition, the cockspur handle is robust and well-built that is simple to install and maintain. The handles are available in different colors and shades.

A spade handle is an alternative option. They are made of uPVC, and they are designed to be sturdy and suitable for windows with rustic appearance. They have a 2-peg locking mechanism that keeps the handle in place.

These handles come in many different styles. Some companies even offer extra sets of locks and handles which are helpful in replacing damaged or broken ones. In addition, there are also customized handles that can be matched to the specific style of window.

Window handles are a crucial part of the exterior of any house. It allows the window to be opened from inside while shielding it from UV rays. You can find various styles and finishes, such as the most recent black, satin chrome, and silver that will make your home feel like it's on display.

Window handles can be used in a variety of materials, from metal to wood. Some are secured by keys, while others use a special lock that allows you to open the window by pressing a button.


Cockspur replacement window handles made of upvc are an increasingly popular alternative to the standard window handles. They can be adjusted to suit different types of windows, and they are compatible with a variety of windows. The cockspur latch operates by turning 90 degrees.

Cockspur handles are frequently used in retrofitting applications to older composite windows. They work by turning a spur which pulls against a plastic square. This allows the spur to be locked against the window frame. Key locking makes them a viable choice.

Window handles are available in various sizes and shapes. Certain are made for particular kinds of windows. For instance tilt and turn handles are suitable for windows that are open inwards. The cockspur is an ideal choice if have windows that open on the sides. There are a variety of window handles. You should always be sure to verify the design the handle before installing it.

If you are looking for a window handle that will last, a cockspur handle is the ideal choice. However, it can be difficult to find the right handle for all windows. There are replacement cockspurs available and there are a number options to measure the step height of the handle you have. To ensure that you have the right handle you can make use of an measuring guide, or ask a professional window fitter to measure it for UPVC windows you.

The Cockspur Upvc Window Handle is an aesthetically pleasing and functional option to replace your window handle. It features a 20mm nosepiece, that is secured over the transom bar cross member. You can also lock it on the outside frame to make your window stronger handle.


You'll have to determine the type of uPVC window handle you need to replace it. There are two main types. These are espag and inline.

Espag is the most favored kind of window handle in the UK. The handles are made of an alloy of aluminium. They are available in different colours and are designed to be used conjunction with the espag locking system. It is important to remember that the type of lock you choose is the most crucial.

The espag locking mechanism comprises an aluminum strip that moves when the handle is turned. This enables the window to be locked from the inside or it can be rolled up from the outside.

The espag gearbox is normally hidden within the window itself. When the handle is turned, the gearbox turns the locks inside the mechanism. Typically, the espag handle is fixed at 43mm centres.

Depending on the kind of uPVC window, you will have to make certain measurements. The spindle's length and width will have to be measured. Once you know the length you can determine what kind of uPVC handle you will require.

Normally there are two screws placed in the back of the handle. These screws are the standard size for the majority of UPVC windows. Having a screw cover at the handle's back allows you to easily get it in and out.

Depending on the type of espag that you are using You can select either a left-handed (or right-handed) version. Left-handed versions feature the spindle in the same position as the right-handed model.

Whether you need to replace your handles on your espag or inline, you should be able to find an appropriate replacement for your window. It is easy to replace your window handles using the correct material and spindle replacement.


You might be able to replace your window handle if it is damaged. There are many types of handles available, all designed to fit a specific kind of window. A professional window installer will assist you in finding the perfect replacement.

The two most popular designs of UPVC window handles are the Cadenza and the Venetian. Both are safe and secure and can be fitted to a range of windows.

Cadenza handles are usually employed with older Upvc windows that have multi-point locking systems. They are available in a range of spindles, that differ in length. They are also available in various colors.

Spaded and bladed UPVC window handles are suitable for aluminium and wood window frames. Typically, these handles are made of upvc. However, certain models come with a metal frame.

DG Supplyline Limited has a vast selection of replacement handles for upvc windows upvc window handles for a variety of different windows and doors. They are simple to install, and come in a number of styles. You can choose from a variety of colors like chrome, white, and silver.

Venetian style is very popular for older uPVC or wooden windows. It has a polished look. It's very low-projection, so it doesn't extend into blinds. This handle is usually used in commercial buildings.

Cockspur handles are a different kind of double-glazed window handle. Cockspurs are designed to be easy to install and are often found on older upvc windows near me windows. They can be secured using three to four screws depending on the design of the window.

It is essential to choose the correct UPVC window handles in order to ensure that your windows are operating safely. Make sure you've measured the length and width of the old handle before selecting a new one. Also, make sure you check the spindle's diameter and center.


If you have a double-glazed glass window, you might be looking for replacement handles for your windows made of upvc. There are a variety of designs and colors to pick from, so you can fit your budget and style. Double-glazed glass is also available. Double glazing is a good way to keep the chills at bay and also add insulation to your home. The best part is that you do not need to purchase new windows. In fact, you can upgrade your windows to look brand spanking new without having to tear up your dining or living room.

You've come to the right spot if you are looking for an elegant, high-end, and affordable upvc replacement handle. We have a variety of options to suit your needs, including an elegant stainless steel, or a more elegant design. Explore our vast selection of double-glazed glass to find the perfect fit. Why not drop in for a complimentary quote? You'll get the most competitive price for replacing your window handles by using our free quote service. For more information, or to get a no-cost quote, call our friendly team at 01249666666. You'll be amazed by the price! No matter what kind of windows you have Our team will assist you choose the best replacement upvc for your home or business.

With a myriad of Upvc replacements to choose from, you'll find something that suits your preferences. Apart from upvc, you'll be able to select glass, aluminum, wooden and many more.



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